The Stables



As the name suggests was used for stabling for horses for the farm!  upstairs there was a hayloft with gaps in the floor to allow mangers to be filled from above. The main stables are now a living room and the original windows and doors bring light into the room and views out to the garden.

The L shaped barn has been designed to allow two families to stay with their own bedrooms accessed off separate staircases but with the use of the same kitchen and living spaces.

The timber frame of the roof has been revived, we initially had to scarf in timber repairs this meant locally cutting and chiseling out rotten timber and replacing with new timber. We finished the timber with a light wax leaving their quirks of twists and grain to shine through – making each space unique.

There were many existing doors and window in these stables, the positioning of these informed the layout of the barn. This approach meant we minimized new openings and allows guests to truly experience the type of space before the stables would have been prior to the conversion.

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