Bristol Townhouse



We relish working on urban projects, they bring different challenges and opportunities. Most of the team trained in cities and as we don’t do urban projects every day so enjoy looking at them with fresh eyes.

We were approached by a young family soon after they had bought this Victorian semi-detached house in Bristol, to help them create a family home. The house was in a poor decorative state but beyond this did not fundamentally work for them and their three children, as play spaces were separated from kitchen which in turn did not link with the garden.

Our concept was to add a glazed side extension, lower the floor level in the rear of the house and create a large open plan living room than linked with the garden. We also managed the design of the whole house restoration bringing extra light and improving the layout of rooms.

We executed the concept with a slot of glass that leads the eye from the front of the house to the garden and floods the new extension with light. The positioning of the kitchen was planned by us to make the most of this with the detailing completed by Arlberry.

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