Kevin McCloud talk on Contemporary Design in Historic Setting


A day of talks which started with SPAB Society for Protection of Ancient Buildings outlining their philosophy.. Importantly highlighting that their principle concern in the nature of the 'restoration' or ' repair' due to the damage misguided work can do.

Following this 4 Case Studies were presented by different architects, in which topics such as the aesthetics of transformation, complement or paradody, how to make changes with honesty, enjoying the management of decay and authenticity of designs, were discussed. The penultimate talk by Juilan Harrap looked at a series of their projects including the Neues musuem but spent time emphasing the need to understand the processes of decay and to make informed decisions on this basis.

Kevin McCloud finished the day with an entertaining talk in which he put the 'Conservation' movement in a European and historic context. The narrative was compelling and this underlined one of his key concerns that context in all its guises was understood before one imagined / designed the next chapter of a building or place.

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